sweet treats
Pastry triangles (Trigona)
Filled with crème pâtissière. G. Elenidis’s authentic Panorama pastry triangle with its rich, creamy filling and crispy fyllo pastry. The triangles are filled at the time of ordering so that the crème pâtissière is always fresh and loses none of its flavour.
Mini pastry triangles (trigonakia)
The authentic pastry triangle is also available in a smaller size, to be savoured one after another... The mini-triangles can also be supplied as christening favours, each one individually packaged in a pretty box decorated with ribbons, and we can even print the child's name on the boxes.
Exquisite handmade fyllo pastry with the perfect balance of walnuts and syrup. Pure pleasure... A perfect accompaniment would be vanilla ice cream, or the traditional 'kaimaki' ice cream made with an extract of orchids, both of which are made by G. Elenidis.
A traditional dish of shredded fyllo pastry, nuts and wonderful syrup, served in a round baking pan so you won't lose a drop. Also available in individual portions so you can have as much as you want!
Rich, full-flavoured chocolate with exquisite Chantilly cream, available either in individual bowls or in a family-size bowl for even greater enjoyment.
Ice cream
Handmade ice creams in a variety of flavours, made from fresh ingredients.
Handmade cookies
Delicious chocolate, vanilla, orange and lavender flavoured cookies, wonderfully tasty and great with coffee, great any time... Children will simply adore them!

It's enjoyable and tasty never eat just one!

Semolina halva
A velvety, melt-in-the-mouth taste sensation, not just for fans of halva...