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Welcome to the G. Elenidis corporate web site. This year we're celebrating 51 years of sweet success and dedication to quality and tradition. WE THANK YOU for placing your trust in us all these years and we promise that we'll CARRY ON with the same passion for perfection. The secret to a business's continuing success after so many years is not just about dedication to quality and secret recipes. Success is inextricably linked to the spirit of the people behind it. Right from the start, the company's founder – Giorgos Elenidis – would spend endless hours in the workshop taking a leading role in the creation and preparation of all the confectionary. That's the way it carried on for years until, in 2000, he passed the reigns to his three daughters, who maintain the traditional values they learned from their father. Our principle at G. Elenidis has always been, and always will be, to produce and sell exceptional products to discerning customers who truly appreciate great confectionary.
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G. Elenidis has been a family-run business ever since 1960, and it has now passed to the second generation, with a very promising third generation ready to follow.Giorgos Elenidis's handmade pastry triangles are known throughout the land for their authentic flavour, which has remained unchanged since he first created them in 1960. The secret to their rich, creamy filling and crispy fyllo (flaky pastry) was discovered by Giorgos Elenidis and has been handed down from generation to generation, and they are still prepared using the same traditional recipe.

The same zeal and desire for perfection lie behind all the company's other products, old and new. All the confectionery are prepared to the required specifications in the firm's ultra-modern production facility, using select ingredients from specific regions of Greece. Each ingredient has been carefully selected from an area of Greece which is renowned for the production of specific produce. Strawberries from Katerini, walnuts from the mountains of Rodopi, 'salep' made from orchids in Florina, milk from one of the best farms in Kilkis, dried figs from the island of Evoia, fresh eggs from Thessaloniki, Greek sugar, cooking chocolate by ION, and handmade fyllo pastry produced exclusively for G. Elenidis by a traditional factory.
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For the past three years the G. Elenidis production facilities were relocated in a privately owned 1.000 square metre building located on the 17th km of Thessaloniki – Peraia road, in the area of Kardia.This is where our employees (technicians and workers, most of whom have been with the company for more than ten years) – working in impeccable surroundings which meet all the latest food hygiene standards – produce the company's traditional handmade products.